Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Peneda is a Beautiful Church in the Heart of Nature

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Beautiful church cut into a valley, with a surprising, little waterfall streaming at its side. The journey to peneda is part of the experience. The breathtaking drive through the mountains comes with awe inspiring views and first-hand experience with free range cattle and goats. Cows meander the jagged mountain cliffs and are often spotted walking alongside the road, going about their day in search of the wildest, tastiest snack. Santuario de Nossa Senhora da Peneda is nestled in the Peneda-Gerês National Park. As with the outdoors, the exterior is what shines. Particularly noteworthy is the massive stairwell leading up to the Sanctuary. The stairwell hosts a number of small chapels at each landing (capelas) that commemorates the stories of Jesus’s last day on earth, known as the stations of the cross.