Shop at the Ponta Delgada Farmers Market, Mercado da Graça

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Local produce galore. We stayed at a Ponta Delgada Airbnb very close to the market in order to procure fresh produce to chef up daily. After a month in Europe eating out at restaurants, we were in desperate need of real deal, healthy, home cooked food and what better way to satiate our craving by procuring the freshest, local ingredients the Azores and Sao Miguel Island has to offer. Open everyday, but best time to come is mornings, and if you want the full experience with the most vendors, come on Saturday morning. People watch and snag a glimpse of locals going about their day. Purchase some produce to whip up a fresh meal, Portuguese style. You’ll find things like farm fresh eggs, local pineapples, authentic butcher shops, cheese shop, and catch-of-the-day fish stands. Mercado da Graça left us hating hard on Whole Foods Market. We bought a massive amount of swordfish, pineapple, apples, stone fruits, a dozen eggs, green beans, lemon, garlic, local lettuce, tomato, onion and more for a whopping grand total of 14 euros.