Smoked Meats Tasting and Comedy Show at this Douro Valley Butcher Shop

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Douro valley is full of amazing natural views and wine tastings, but this region is also known for it’s mind-blowingly delicious cured and smoked meats, of all varieties but most notably, pork.

If you’re a traveler who loves discovering foodie gems, you need to visit Qualifier. I’m reluctant to even post about it, because it’s that much of a hidden gem. My cousins who live around the corner had “heard of”, but never visit this spot, knew its name, or could find it. Of course, me, their American cousin did some deep digging and finally brought them to one of these charcuterie style tastings.

What you will find is a tiny shop hidden behind beaded curtains, and likely full of locals enjoying a butcher shop tasting post-work. What you will taste is a meat and cheese selection, with a couple sides of homemade “Douro Tea” (aguardente!) to wash away the evil eye, and guaranteed to “cure any love problems” and “invigorate your sex drive”. The owners put on quite a comedy act, but unfortunately, only those who speak Portuguese will be able to enjoy the skits the butchers ‘perform’ to accompany their tasting. The tasting may seem to never end, so be sure to make time. We were there for nearly an hour as they sliced up loads of different sausages, meats and cheese for us to try.

This butcher shop is special in that they raise the animals, slaughter them, cure/smoke the meats and sell them through their shop in Pinhao, true farm to table butcher shop, all in house production to your mouth. Not many sausage slingers do all of these any more. These folks are not in it for the money, but take pride in the quality of product they can produce and provide to their devout patrons. Patrons that include big wig restaurants that markup their meats at fancy restaurants in Lisbon and Porto.

Grab a couple slices of your favorite meats and cheeses to go. Please note, that they will only sell you enough to eat that day, not kidding, they are serious about the quality of product. You will have to wait until your next visit to enjoy this tasty delight again.