From Lake Garda visit Monte Baldo for Breathtaking Italian Alps Scenery

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A Lake Garda trip offers beautiful lake-side views, but also the ability to experience breathtaking mountain scenery of the neighboring Italian alps.

From the Lake Garda town of Malcesine, take the Monte Baldo tram up to the mountain top. The schedule and pricing for the cable car is available here. Once you exit the Malcesine mountain-top tram station, put your phone down and get ready for your jaw to drop. You’ve finally made it to the top, where awesome views greet you immediately. Yes, we’re talking those Julie Andrews running through the fields, Sound of Music style, Italian alpine scenery.

Spend the day trekking the trails, head to the nearby restaurant/bar for mountain style taglieri, an italian meat and cheese platter, or if you’re feeling adventurous, plan ahead and book a paragliding experience. We did not plan ahead for this, but I would love to go back and experience paragliding at Monte Baldo. We watched the paragliders take off from the mountain top, as well as land in Malcesine. I can imagine that the float down from the top of Monte Baldo, to Lake Garda below is transcendental.

Above all, it was amazing was to watch the dense fog roll in from Lake Garda below and dance ever so quickly over the rolling alpine hills.